Thursday, 4 June 2009


Here I was to create an identity for a new organic fast food company.  I chose the name Ripe, I wanted ti to stay away from the stereotype of organic produce, such as recycled paper, dull greens and browns.  I wanted it to be fun, refreshing and upmarket with it being able to stand out from it's competitors.

Si Scott

If I could have one talent in the world, it would be to be able to illustrate. I am in awe of this guy, he is amazing! I have dabbled in it and yeah i'll admit it doesn't look to bad but Si Scott is about a million leagues above me.  I love the way that his work is instantly recognizable.  He never disappoints, his work is unique and beautiful.

Kick in the Eye

My older brother John and his pal Ian run a monthly music podcast and they wanted an identity that they could use on their site and on business cards, so they asked me to come up with something for them

Here's a link to their podcast

Dazed & Confused

I wanted to create an editorail spread for magazine Dazed & Confused. My concept for the spread was playing on the idea of 'sex and vegas'. What really goes on when these men win big money, what do they really spend it on??? On a trip to Vegas in 2007, I found that there is a massive escort industry in Vegas that men pay a LOT of money for, i was really intrigued by this and thought that it could be portrayed in a fun way.


For part of my final major projects I decide to create an editorial piece based on my Dissertation 'The Importance of Colour in Brand Design'.  I wanted this piece to be more of an attractive piece of editorial design that would make people intrigued and want to pick it up.

Faber & Faber Book Jackets

A set of book jackets designed as part of a series for Faber & Faber screenplays.

Annual Report

This is some of my final projects that I have just completed.  Getting them all ready and looking sharp for my exhibition coming up on the 12th - 18th of June.
This is an annual report that I designed for Levi's Strauss & Co.  I wanted it to look completely different from anything that Levi's has previously produced, something with visual flair.